Strawberry Jam Recipes

Why buy strawberry jam when you can make your own mouthwatering spreads? Featuring surprising ingredients such as brandy and tarragon, our recipes can be prepared with minimal effort -- particularly the freezer jam recipes. Enjoy a dollop of decadent strawberry jam on a pastry, or spread the homemade strawberry preserves on toast for a simple and delicious breakfast.

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    Brandied Strawberry Freezer Jam

    Upgrade your traditional strawberry preserves recipe to include brandy. Served with pastries like the Italian doughnuts shown here, this freezer jam's light but rich flavor will set it apart from the rest.

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    Strawberry-Lemon Marmalade

    Spread this delectable marmalade onto pancakes, toast, or waffles to get your sweet-and-sour fix. Fresh lemon slices boost the freshness, making this strawberry jam a go-to for spring and summer months.

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    Strawberry-Tarragon Preserves

    Fresh-snipped tarragon gives our strawberry jam anise-like undertones and pretty flecks of green. The recipe's warm flavor profile makes this the perfect preserves to spread on crackers, cookies, or rolls during the holiday season.

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    Make a Strawberry Jam-Topped Dessert

    Learn how to make peanut butter bars topped with sweet strawberry preserves for a PB&J-inspired dessert!

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    Strawberry Margarita Jam

    Tequila, lime juice, and triple sec put a cocktail-inspired spin on the classic strawberry jam. This creative jelly recipe is one you'll want to pass on to friends and family.

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    Homemade Strawberry Jam

    There's nothing quite like homemade strawberry preserves. Our versatile recipe includes instructions for variations that add bananas and basil -- both delicious strawberry pairings.

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    Strawberry-Kiwi Jam

    Strawberries and kiwifruits join forces in this irresistible jelly. We also added finely chopped crystallized ginger to enhance the flavor of the tasty strawberry preserves.

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    Easy Strawberry Jam

    Making canned jam has never been so fast and easy! In just 30 minutes, prepare the strawberry preserves ingredients, then let the mixture stand until it sets.

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    Strawberry Freezer Jam

    Finely shredded lemon peel is the perfect zesty flavor to complement this go-to strawberry freezer jam. Serve it immediately, or store in the freezer for up to a year.

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    Simple Strawberry Jam

    Consisting of just four ingredients, this super-simple strawberry jam makes a wonderful gift. Ladle into festive containers or jars for a quick and inexpensive way to delight friends and family.

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    Strawberry-Rhubarb Freezer Jam

    The unbeatable duo of sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb tastes even better when combined in a homemade jelly recipe. Make the freezer jam in just 25 minutes, let it stand, and pop it in the freezer for later use.

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