Pickling Recipes

We've collected our favorite homemade pickling recipes so you can easily make your own pickles and enjoy them all year long. From squash to watermelon, you can pickle a variety of produce. Check out our best pickling recipes and Test Kitchen tips!

If you purchase small pickling or garden cucumbers, be sure they are not wax-coated. It impedes the pickling process.

Best Ever Dill Pickles Recipe

It's easy to pickle zucchini, green beans, onions, and even cauliflower! Spice up your pickled veggies with garlic, mustard seeds, and red pepper flakes.

Pickled Garden Vegetables Recipe

Beets come in various colors -- magenta, yellow, or white. For canning, be sure to choose smooth, firm beets with the taproots attached. The taproots are the long main root upon which beets grow.

Pickled Beets Recipe

There's a wide variety of green beans to pickle -- choose from snap, wax, or Italian beans. Add a whole chili pepper to each jar for spicier green bean pickles.

Pickled Dilled Green Beans Recipe

Knock on watermelon to check for its readiness. If it sounds hollow, then it's ready to use. Try pickled watermelon, which goes great on any relish tray or with Greek yogurt for a healthy breakfast.

Watermelon Pickles

Summer and winter squash should have hard rinds and stems that appear fresh. The skin should be glossy and brightly colored, without any cuts or bruises. Remember: the smaller the squash, the better its flavor and texture.

So-Sweet Squash Pickles Recipe

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Hot Trend: Pickling

Pickled foods are showing up on menus everywhere, and this is ne hot trend that's easy to do at home. Try our recipes that use quick pickled foods to add a pop of flavor that will brighten just about any dish.

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  1. For cucumbers you do not have to put lemon juice in the jar like salsa and pasta sauce

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