Cool Homemade Sauces and Condiments

Time to get a little saucy! Introducing the coolest of both basic and inventive condiments and sauces for you to try (right this minute): pickled toppers, sweet jams, DIY ketchup, olive oil, homemade Sriracha, and more. Trust us -- your plate will never look the same.

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    Lemon Curd

    When life hands you lemons, make lemon curd! This 13-minute recipe calls for fresh lemon juice and peel, and it's a pro at dressing up desserts.


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    Compound Butters

    Your party baguette is begging for a new look. Let guests smear each slice with their choice of six delectable butters: 

    - Dill-Chive

    - Raspberry

    - Tarragon-Shallot  

    - Blackberry-Honey

    - Gremolata

    - Cilantro-Lime

    Bonus: Think beyond bread! Berry butters go great on breakfast goodies like waffles and pancakes, while savory herb butters are delicious brushed on warm veggies and grilled meats. 

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    Golden Salsa Jam

    Blended with more than eight different fruits and veggies, there's a lot to love about this canned salsa jam. You can thank a bottle of orange-carrot Naked juice for its electric gold hue. Try it crostini-style. 

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    Jam It Out: 6 Can't-Forget Steps

    Any jam recipe -- grape, mango, even jalapeno -- will take you through these six easy steps. Learn them here!

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    Do as the Koreans do: put kimchi on almost everything. We recommend trying the signature cabbage condiment on fried rice, noodle dishes, omelets, and grilled hot dogs.

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    Smoky Ketchup

    The bottled stuff is so passe -- a true top chef cans her own ketchup. This sweet-smoky version gets its gastro-pub flavor from hickory-grilled tomatoes. 

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    Homemade Sauerkraut

    Surprise! Our poppy-pink sauerkraut calls for only three ingredients: red cabbage, pickling salt, and sugar. Grill-out guests will go crazy for this low-maintanence condiment.

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    Triple-Olive Tapenade

    Fancy-smancy doesn't have to mean difficult. Give olives, capers, and umami spices a quick spin in the blender for your best hors d'oeuvre yet. Try the tapenade on crackers or crusty bread.

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    Sriracha-Style Asian Chile Sauce

    Homemade Sriracha sauce lets you control the degree of heat. Fresno, Anaheim, and jalapeno peppers keep it fairly tame, while Thai and serrano chiles turn things up a (fierce) notch.

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    Black Bean Corn Salsa

    Homemade salsa doesn't get any better than this. Ours comes together quickly with a chilled blend of cilantro-topped onions, beans, and corn. It's best when served with golden tortilla chips and an icy pitcher of margs.

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    Best-Ever Dill Pickles

    Enjoy market-fresh cucumbers the old-fashioned way -- pickled, of course. Here are two tips Grandma wouldn't want you to forget:

    1) Use non-waxed cucumbers.

    2) Let the canned cucumbers sit for at least a week before serving. 

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    Roasted Red Pepper Mayonnaise

    Step up your burger game with a smear of revamped mayo. Just toss garlic, Sriracha, bottled peppers, and mayo in a blender and venture away. Think pasta salads, veggie dippers, and beyond!

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    Spicy Ginger Red Hot Pears

    Ever pair pears with red-hot candies? Didn't think so. Unleash your adventurous side by boiling sweet slices of pear with chopped ginger, cinnamon sticks, and chewy red hots. Somewhere, a slice of shortcake is just begging for a spoonful.

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    Jalapeno Jelly

    Crackers never tasted so good. Spoon homemade jalapeno jelly onto an assortment of your favorites for an unexpected but totally delicious snack.

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    Citrus-Mango Preserves

    When it comes to amazing fruit preserves, this one takes the cake. It's infused with peppy lemon and zesty orange peel, and tastes fabulous on all things sweet.


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    Shh! Secrets to Freezing Peaches

    Save blushing, in-season peaches for another day with our easy-peasy freezing tips!

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    Homemade Coarse Ground Mustard

    Let's be honest -- squeezable mustard from the store is boring. Liven up your BBQ spread with DIY mustard. Make it hot (Creole) or sweet (cranberry).  


    Editor's Tip: Be sure to let it sit at least 24 hours before opening for optimum flavor-fusing. If you can resist, the longer you wait, the better.

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    Tomato-Ancho Taco Sauce

    Every hoppin' fiesta needs taco sauce. Here, we combine plump roma tomatoes with hot peppers and a cool squeeze of lime. Set out a few jarfuls to keep your party tacos extra tasty.

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    Garlic-Rosemary Olive Oil

    You don't have to wait until the farmer's market for infused olive oil. Make your own at home using just four ingredients: garlic, rosemary, cracked black pepper, and (of course) olive oil.

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    Spicy Barbecue Sauce

    Give ribs the ultimate rub-down with homemade BBQ sauce. Crisp celery, colorful sweet peppers, and jalapenos give this version a hot garden spin.

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    Raspberry-Rhubarb Waffle Topper

    Waking up is easy when fruit-topped waffles are involved. This 30-minute compote is a serious snap -- just simmer raspberry, rhubarb, lemon, and sugar over the stove until it's deliciously thick and bubbly.

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    Pickled Banana Peppers

    For a top-notch sandwich, can your own banana peppers. We soak ours with both yellow and brown mustard seeds for a tangy kick. Go with fresh sweet or hot chiles -- either way, these babies are bound to please.

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    Roasted Tomato-Garlic Pizza Sauce

    Mama mia, this stuff is good! Whip up your own pizza sauce using Italy's signature ingredients: roma tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and red wine. You'll never go back to the canned kind.

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    Mexican Pickled Pintos, Corn, and Poblanos

    Looking to impress? Skip store-bought salsa. Win over friends and fam with a new taco topper featuring pickled pinto beans, fresh corn, and poblano chile peppers. It adds a distinct tang to nachos and tostadas, too!

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    Blueberry Mojito Jam

    Model your morning jam after a hip bar drink: the mojito. Fresh mint sprigs and lively lime juice take the AM condiment from standard to stunning.

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    Puttanesca Pasta Sauce

    As if puttanesca didn't sound fancy enough. Here, we try our hand at the authentic Italian pasta sauce, made popular by its undeniable medley of tomatoes, olives, and capers.

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    Herbed Vinegar

    White wine and your choice of herb -- basil, tarragon, oregano, or thyme -- are all you need to create this easy pantry staple.

    Bonus: Whip up a speedy salad dressing by whisking together 1 part Herbed Vinegar to 3 parts olive oil. Shake in salt and pepper to your liking, then swirl in honey for subtle sweetness.

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    Homemade Pesto

    Pizza or pasta? This DIY pesto sauce lets you take your pick. Start with fresh basil leaves, then finish by blending in nuts, garlic, and Parm.

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    Triple-Pepper Hot Sauce

    Feeling hot, hot, hot? Settle your spicy cravings with a high-profile pepper sauce. This one's loaded with habeneros, Thai chiles, and Fresno peppers. Yowza!

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