Preserving & Canning

Don't let a single piece of produce go to waste when you can easily can or preserve it with our guide to canning and preserving. It's economical and allows home cooks to experiment with foods that might not be in the supermarket and know exactly where their ingredients come from. If you've never tried canning at home, review our basic, step-by-step instructions as well as tips on headspace, time, and temperature requirements to ensure food safety. We'll also help you learn about the various types of canning—boiling-water and pressure, for example—and discuss when you should can and when you should freeze. For handy reference, we offer charts with tips and instructions on both methods. We'll walk you through step-by-step how to preserve some of the most commonly used fruits and vegetables. Jams and jellies are great for preserving the delicious harvests for the coming year, and our experts explain tips and helpful information.

How to Make Fermented Foods at Home

Fermenting foods is one of the easiest ways to preserve fruits and veggies. Once you’ve placed everything in the jar, all you do is wait. Follow these tips to try some DIY fermentation for the best homemade kimchi, kraut, and other fermented foods.
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How to Can Green Beans Two Different Ways

If you learn how to make canned green beans at the start of the summer, you won’t have to watch a single pod from your garden go to waste. Our step-by-step instructions for pressure-canning green beans are made both for beginners and pros, so no matter your skill level, you can preserve your fresh beans.
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How to Can Corn in a Pressure Canner

Take advantage of the abundance of fresh sweet corn that comes with summer and save it for the rest of the year. When you know how to make canned corn, you can savor those fresh-from-the-field flavors for months to come.
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13 Canned Fruit Recipe Ideas

We’re sweet on preserving the best of the season with canned fruit recipe ideas to enjoy year-round. Try our unique recipes for canning peaches and canning nectarines while they're in season. Then make canned pear recipes or try canning apple slices in the fall and winter months. Every season is a good time to can.
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Pressure Canning Soup Recipes That Are Better Than Store-Bought Cans

With these soup recipes and your trusty pressure canner, you'll master pressure-canning soup recipes in just one try. But don't stop until you've tried at least one each of our pressure canning chicken soup recipes, vegetable soup ideas, and Mexican soups so your pantry is fully stocked.
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More Preserving & Canning

6 Canning Rules You Should Never Ever Break

We’re not always sticklers for rules in the kitchen, but when it comes to canning rules, we obey! Keep your foods safe while water-bath canning (aka boiling-water canning) and pressure canning with these rules.