Is It Safe to Eat Cheesecake That's Been Left Out of the Refrigerator?

You pull your freshly baked cheesecake out of the oven, leave it on the counter to cool, and forget it for an afternoon. So, is it still safe to eat?

Sorry, we don't recommend you serve a cheesecake that's been left out on the counter for a long period of time. Foods made with eggs and milk such as pumpkin pie, custard pie, and cheesecake, must first be safely baked to a safe minimum internal temperature of 160 degrees F. Then, they must be refrigerated after baking.

Eggs and milk have high protein and moisture content and when these baked products are left at room temperature, conditions are ripe for bacteria to multiply. It's not necessary to refrigerate most other cakes, cookies, or breads unless they have a perishable filling or frosting.

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