Brie en croute, or Brie wrapped in pastry, is a cinch to make at home! Follow our step-by-step instructions to bake up an elegant appetizer of puff pastry wrapped in Brie in less than an hour.

By Karla Walsh
February 24, 2017

Get the puff pastry-wrapped Baked Brie recipe!

Brie Wrapped in Pastry

Refrigerated puff pastry is the baking hero we all need. Light and layered, quick to cook, and extremely adaptable, it's the semihomemade star that makes it possible to have Brie en croute in the oven in a matter of minutes.

"En croute," French for "in a crust," describes the treatment of the wheel of Brie in our Baked Brie recipe. Classically topped with fruit jam and wrapped in puff pastry, Brie en croute is a popular premade purchase for holiday parties and other entertaining occasions. Since we've seen it for upward of $65 at a ritzy department store, we turned to the Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen to whip up a DIY Brie en croute.

Save money and customize with your favorite jams and nuts by following this simple method.

Step 1

Lightly dust your preparation surface with flour, and unfold one sheet of packaged frozen puff pastry. Use an 8-inch round cake pan as a guide to cut two circles. Save the excess pastry.

Step 2

Top each pastry circle with a wheel of Brie, then top each Brie round with 2 tablespoons of jelly and a sprinkle of nuts that have been toasted and chopped. Carefully bring the pastry up and over each cheese round, pleating the edges as necessary to fit over top of cheese round.

Step 3

Use kitchen shears to trim excess pastry from pleats and create an even thickness. Brush with egg wash. Use a knife to cut slits in each pastry so steam can escape, then cut shapes out of the excess dough to add a decorative touch to the top of each pastry. Brush dough shapes with egg wash and bake until golden brown.

Think Brie-ond the Pastry Shell

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