Rice noodles are popular Asian-style noodles that are sold in various forms.

Rice noodles are great because they require no cooking.

Asian-style noodles are being gobbled up with great enthusiasm, and most Asian markets and supermarkets stock a wide variety of interesting types. One of the most popular is rice noodles. Made from rice flour and water, these noodles are sold in several forms. The crisp, threadlike rice noodles, such as py mee fun from China and banh pho from Vietnam, are called by a variety of names in English. You'll find the noodles in both dried and fresh varieties labeled as thin rice sticks, rice vermicelli, or rice stick noodles. They are sold in Asian food stores and larger supermarkets. Rice ribbon noodles are larger cousins to the thin rice sticks. Called kui teow sen yai in Thailand, the noodles are between 1/4- and 1/2-inch wide and are sold fresh. Look for them in the refrigerator case of an Asian market.


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