This Inexpensive Meat Thermometer Is a Food Editor's Favorite

The $22 investment will save all your pricy steaks, chops, and roasts.

As a food editor, graduate of a food and nutrition program, general food lover, and former foodservice worker, I spend a lot of time cooking. I am also (and believe me, my family will quickly attest to this) a strict follower of food-safety rules. No food is left sitting out on my counter, produce is properly stored, expiration dates are followed (OK, I'm a little lenient here), I don't rinse my chicken, and most critically, I always check the temperature of meat with a food thermometer. The first reason I'm so strict about testing meat with a thermometer is food safety. I will not be the person who makes people sick with her cooking (you're welcome, family). The second reason is because overcooked meat is a major a disappointment!

I was recently blessed to receive a few cuts of wagyu beef from Snake River Farms. These are extremely pricy, and extremely delicious cuts of meat. I was not about to ruin them by overcooking. As with every meat-cooking endeavor, I turned to my Taylor probe thermometer.

taylor gourmet probe kitchen thermometer

Buy It: Taylor Probe Kitchen Thermometer with Timer ($22, Target)

As an added feature, I can set an alarm on this thermometer to go off when my steak, chicken, or entire roast turkey reaches the temperature I choose. So, if I get distracted making a salad or dessert and take my eye off the thermometer, I won't miss the exact moment I want to take it out of the oven.

This meat thermometer helps me look like a pro and avoid dry chicken, beef, or pork for dinner. Add one to your cart ASAP. Or maybe, you'll get lucky and your father-in-law will buy you one out of the blue as mine did, but this close to Thanksgiving, I'd go ahead and get one now so you're ready for the big meal and every meat dish between now and then.

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