Grilling utensils and accessories can make barbecuing easier and more fun.

June 09, 2015
Long-handled tongs, basting brushes, and spatulas

Long-handled tongs, basting brushes, and spatulas are helpful for tending foods while cooking. Heavy-duty oven mitts also can be helpful.

grill baskets

Tender foods such as fish, vegetables, and even burgers, can be cooked in grill baskets. You can also purchase special racks for cooking corn, potatoes, ribs, and roasting meats.

grill wok

With a grill wok, you can stir-fry on your grill. If you like grilled pizzas, consider purchasing a grill pizza tray.

grill topper

A grill topper is quite versatile and can be used for grilling fish and vegetables. It provides an even cooking surface on the grill that prevents foods from falling through the grill rack.

skewers & skewer rack

For kabobs, keep skewers in assorted lengths. You may want to try grilling them on a skewer rack.

You can purchase an accessory metal smoker box for your gas grill to hold soaked wood chips.

wire brushes and scrubbers

Keep your grill racks clean with wire brushes and scrubbers. You can also use crumpled pieces of foil to remove build-up on the grill racks.


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