What is Deglazing?

When a piece of meat is pan-seared to form a delicious crust, there are often bits of crusty, flavorful meat and meat juices left in the pan.
Add liquid to the pan, then stir and scrape the bottom of the pan to remove the browned bits.

Deglazing is the process of adding liquid to the pan, then stirring and scraping the bottom of the pan to remove the browned bits. Once this is accomplished -- usually in a matter of seconds -- the mixture can be used as a starting point for a delicious gravy or sauce. A word of caution: A great deal of steam forms when you add liquid to a hot pan. Stand back and keep your pouring hand as far away from the inside of the pan as possible.

How to Make Pan Sauces

Use a homemade pan sauce to dress up sautéed steaks, chicken breasts, and fish fillets. We’ll show you how to brown the meat, what to look for when the pan sauce is done cooking, and the secrets to deglazing.


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