This Life Hack Will Give You Spreadable Butter Every Time

All you need is a cup!
Image courtesy of Dave Hax

If the saying goes "smooth like butter," how come we so rarely come across butter that actually spreads smoothly? Instead of enjoying real, rich butter, many families turn to spreadable margarine at the dinner table. Well, it's time to put away the plastic tub and bring back the real thing. Thanks to this life hack from Dave Hax, you can have spreadable butter in just a few minutes!

As Dave points out, cold butter can tear the bread and leave you with a messy situation. While microwaved butter can so quickly turn into a puddle of fat. The answer to your problem, believe it or not, is a glass cup!

Image courtesy of Dave Hax

Before dinner starts, prep the butter by running a glass under hot water. Fill it to the brim and let the water sit for one minute to ensure the glass is pretty warm.

Image courtesy of Dave Hax

Next, pour the water out of the glass, quickly run a towel over it, and place the warm cup over the butter. The heat will stay trapped inside and soften up the butter before your own eyes.

After a few minutes, your butter will be ready to enjoy! It really is that simple.

To learn more about this hack, check out the video below:


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