How to Wrap a Sandwich for a Picture-Perfect Picnic

Keep all those fillings from spilling out using a sandwich wrap paper of your choice and these tips.

Ahh, picnic season. I always envision an idyllic setting with everyone on a large blanket spread across lush green grass, no bugs, perfect weather, and a meal expertly packed in one of those woven baskets. (And of course, the entire family is happy and well-behaved.) The number of times I've experienced this: zero. I can't control most of those factors, but the next time the weather cooperates, I can at least pack a mean picnic sandwich. Using some sandwich recipe inspiration and these wrapping tips, fillings will stay in place and off my pristine picnic blanket.

Pack-and-Go Hoagies
Blaine Moats

Sandwich Wrap Papers

Once your sandwich is made, you'll need to determine what to use to wrap your sandwich. Wax paper sandwich wraps are a classic tool (parchment paper works, too), but as sustainability becomes ever more important, reusable sandwich wraps are becoming easier to find. Beeswax sandwich wraps are one reusable option to buy, or you can make your own. They work great here as they are naturally tacky so they seal tightly around your sandwich. We used 12-inch Z Wraps for these hoagies.

How to Wrap a Sandwich

No matter your wrap paper of choice, use the same technique you would to fold a burrito or make a wrap sandwich recipe.

hoagie wrap steps illustration
Illustration by Agnese Bicocchi

Step 1: Position and Fold Up the Bottom

Place your sandwich diagonally in the center of a wrap. Fold the bottom point over one end.

Step 2: Tuck and Roll

Fold one side point over and tuck it under the sandwich. Fold the top point down. Roll to enclose and press firmly to seal if you're using beeswax wraps. For security in transport to your picnic spot, tie the sandwich with a string of kitchen twine ($5, Target).

Not tough at all, is it? Give this technique a try for your next picnic adventure and I hope your experience is as perfect as the ones in the movies (and my mind).

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