How to Cut a Mango in 3 Easy Steps

With our Test Kitchen's easy method for cutting a mango, you'll have fresh fruit ready to add to smoothies, salsas, and more.

Depending on the time of the year, there's a good chance you'll see one or more mango varieties available in the produce section of your local store and at farmers markets. This is great news for anyone who enjoys a bit of tropical flavor added to meals (even in the middle of winter). However, due to their odd shape and giant seed in the center, cutting into a mango for the first time can be intimidating. If you don't buy them regularly or have yet to enjoy a fresh mango, this is the place to learn how to cut a mango so you can utilize every ounce of that precious fruit in your favorite recipes. There are several techniques and tricks to get the most fruit from your mango, but we've found this method particularly handy in cutting mangoes.

slicing mango
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How to Cut a Mango

Whether your end goal is sliced, cubed, or puréed mango, the best way to cut one is to start by looking at its shape. See how it has a broad, flat side? That shows you the shape of the seed inside. You're going to cut your mango into two large pieces before cutting smaller pieces. Don't forget to wash them first!

Step 1: Cut Mango Away from the Seed

Using a sharp knife, slice all the way through your washed mango on each side, right next to the seed, on a cutting board. This will yield two large pieces of fruit.

Step 2: Slice Into the Mango

Without breaking the skin, use your knife to score the mango flesh. You can make vertical slices or go crosswise to make cubes. Alternatively, you could skip this step and move on to step three if you want the entire mango half intact.

Removing Mango Cubes
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Step 3: Remove the Flesh from the Peel

Use a spoon or your knife to gently remove the mango from the peel. The mango is ready for eating or for your favorite recipes.

zyliss mango splitter tool
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Using a Mango Splitter

If you're still unsure about being able to cut your mango the proper way or have a lot of mangos to prep for smoothies? The National Mango Board also recommends cutting it with a mango splitter ($20, Zyliss). Like an apple corer, the handy tool has an opening that, when pressed into the mango, will separate the seed from the rest of the flesh. Once the seed is removed, you can follow the same steps above to remove the fruit from the peel.

Now that you've got all that juicy mango to eat give some of our favorite sweet and savory mango recipes a try. Grill mango for your backyard barbecue, add some sweetness to a fresh salad, or create a showstopping pavlova for dessert.

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