Fun with Fondue

Fondue is back! A craze in the '60s, cheese fondue is experiencing renewed popularity today.
Get a little nostalgic by serving fondue with your next meal.

Here are some of the secrets to a great fondue:

  • Tossing flour with the shredded or cubed cheese helps keep it together and provides a little thickening for the fondue.
  • The most common problem in making fondue is having cheese melt into one great lump or into a series of strings that float in the liquid. An acid in the recipe helps break down the cheese proteins so this clumping doesn't occur.
  • Swiss Fondue uses white wine which contains acid. If the recipe you're using doesn't contain an acidic ingredient, squeeze a little fresh lemon juice over the shredded or cubed cheese before adding it to the fondue pot.
  • To ensure a smooth fondue, add the cheese a little at a time, minimizing the chances the cheese will lump.


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