Follow our tips and advice to select and use crockery cookers the right way.

Crock A
Type A

There are two basic types of crockery cookers (types A and B). Type A cooker has a crockery insert and two temperature settings: low (about 200 degrees F) and high (about 300 degrees F). The heating coils wrap around the sides of the cooker. This allows for the continuous slow cooking needed for our recipes.

Crock B
Type B

Type B cooker has an adjustable thermostat, indicating temperature in degrees. The heating coil is located in the bottom of the cooker -- the only place heat is applied. Since the heat element cycles on and off, our recipes will not cook properly in this type of cooker.

Crockery Cooking Tips

  • If you chop vegetables or do other make-ahead preparations, wrap and store the food items in the refrigerator until you're ready to start the cooker.
  • Add only thawed or partially precooked foods, such as browned meat, to a crockery cooker. Do not place frozen meats or vegetables in a cold cooker.
  • If you're using an automatic timer to start the cooker while you are gone, make sure it is set to start within 2 hours and that the food is thoroughly chilled when it is placed in the cooker.
  • Avoid peeking into the pot or stirring during cooking. Since the cooker works at low temperatures, lost heat is not easily or quickly recovered.
  • After cooking, transfer any leftover food as quickly as possible to containers and store it in the refrigerator or freezer.


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