Forget everything you think you know about the basics. These guys have new cooking tips to make your signature dishes even better.

By Hannah Bruneman
June 07, 2016

What can go wrong when you have four best guy friends who love food hosting a YouTube food channel? Well, a few things come to mind, actually. But, the fellas at SORTEDfood have got it figured out. In this week's video, they stepped away from their usual how-to video to give their followers some pretty groundbreaking cooking tips. Here's what they've got:

1. Use spinach to make things greener


Not only is it packed with health benefits, but spinach is also a naturally vibrant color. Its subtle flavor makes the taste almost unrecognizable in the dish while boosting the green look. This is great to do with soups or sauces.

2. Stuff chicken with lemons and limes


This one works well when you are roasting the chicken. Stick lemons and limes inside the bird before it goes into the oven and the citrus fruits will steam the chicken from the inside, unleashing even more flavor.

3. Soak chicken in buttermilk


For juicier, more succulent chicken strips, buttermilk is the answer! Soaking strips overnight will give you the best results, and don't forget to mix in your favorite seasonings as well!

4. Peel and season asparagus


When's the last time you peeled an asparagus? Never? Us too. But we are definitely going to try this out. The boys recommend peeling and then seasoning with salt and sugar. The mixture will drain out the moisture and make the asparagus extra crisp.

5. Make pots and pans hotter


It'll take longer, but preheating your cookware before you place the food on will be worth it. Let it heat for 10 minutes and your stir fry or steak will caramelize just the way you want it to.

6. Don't use oil to cook pasta


It might have been something your mom and her mom and her mom and so on have done, but it's just not necessary. Putting oil in a pot of boiling water does not enhance the pasta in any way. Instead, focus on using a very large pot of boiling water with proper seasoning.

7. Plating is key


Once all your food is cooked to perfection, your work is not done. Chef James recommends using a plain, white plate and presenting the food in the center. The white space on the plate will go a long way.

8. Make fully-cooked eggs creamy


You don't have to choose between fully-cooked or creamy eggs anymore. Adding a dollop of crème fraiche to a pot of cooked eggs makes them creamy and delicious. The coolness of the fraiche knocks down the temperature and stops the cooking process.

9. Add cold butter to sauce


Right when you're finishing off your favorite sauce to tie a dish together, add in a little bit of cold butter. The temperature is important because it will melt slower, causing the sauce to be extra glossy and thick.

Check out the video for a full description of the tips and a glimpse at their entertaining show:



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