Great ways to put this kitchen appliance to good use.

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Microwaves are for way more than late-night popcorn snacking. This versatile kitchen appliance is probably not being used to its fullest potential. But not to worry, we found some microwave hacks that will step up your game! In this video from HackingLife, we learned how to improve our food--and our lives--by using the microwave in these awesome, new ways.

1. Doughnut Revival

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Even though you may want to, it's probably not the best idea to finish those half-dozen doughnuts in one sitting. For day-of freshness anytime, pop a doughnut in the microwave for ten seconds before eating. It will taste like new!

2. Dry Fresh Herbs

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If you know you won't use all your fresh garden herbs before they go bad, dry them out using your microwave. 30 seconds should be enough time to get your parsley or oregano crisp enough to crumble, save, and use in later recipes.

3. No-Tears Onion

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Unless you have a Nicholas Sparks movie on in the background, there is no time for crying in the kitchen! Prevent tears from falling while you cut an onion by peeling and sticking it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Chop away!

4. Lemon Cleanup

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Get your microwave squeaky clean by using lemons. Add a halved lemon to a bowl of water after squeezing in the juice. Microwave for five minutes before removing the bowl and wiping down the surface.

5. DIY Heating Pad

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Why buy an expensive heating pad when you can make your own using things you already have? Pour lentils or rice into a clean tube sock and tie shut. Microwave your heating pad for three to four minutes before resting it on your aching muscles.

6. Peel Garlic With Ease

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Pesky garlic can be a pain to peel if you don't have the right tools. Luckily, a microwave is really all you need! Heat up garlic in the microwave for 20 seconds and the cloves should fall right out. This hack will save you so much time!

7. Top It Off With Frothy Milk

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Stop spending all your time and money at the specialty coffee shop on your way to work. You can get the taste of a perfectly steamed latte right at home with your microwave! Shake up a jar of milk and heat it for 30 seconds. You'll soon have light, airy foam to scoop atop your favorite mug of coffee.

8. Even Heating for Every Meal

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Is there anything more annoying than heating your food and half is scalding hot, while the rest is still chilled? All you have to do is change the way you dump leftovers onto a plate. Ring your food in a circle along the edge of the plate for even heating and yummy eating!

To learn more about these hacks and to see more tips, check out the video below:


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