5 Kitchen Hacks That Will Keep Your Food Fresh... Even Avocados!

Never throw out these foods again!
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There is no worse feeling than letting your food go to waste. Not only is rotten food a bummer on your dinner plans, but it also puts a dent in your wallet. Thankfully, there are some useful hacks you can do to stretch the life of some of your kitchen staples. In this video posted to the Pennygem YouTube channel, you'll learn five cool tips to save your food. Give them a try!

1. Wine

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If there is one thing we've learned over the years it's to never waste a drop of wine. If you open a bottle for just a glass or two, there is a way to keep it fresh longer. Store the leftover wine in a Mason jar in your refrigerator! This will get you up to a week of storage—though you probably won't even need that long.

2. Raspberries

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To get the most out of your freshly-picked raspberries, bathe them in a solution of one cup vinegar and three cups water. Then, drain the liquid and store them on a paper towel in the fridge.

3. Fresh Herbs

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Fresh herbs such as cilantro are great to have around the kitchen, but you rarely use it all before it starts to rot. Preserve a bundle a little longer by trimming the stems and putting them in a vase filled with water. Cover the top with a plastic bag and move to the fridge.

4. Avocados

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Avocados are notorious for going bad fast, which is unfortunate when you want to use the leftovers for fresh guacamole the next day! Prevent them from browning by storing the unused half in a sealed bag with onions. You can also leave the pit in the half you don't use––the rest of your avocado will still be usable for the next few days.

5. Bananas

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While bananas going brown isn't all bad—banana bread, anyone?—there is a way to keep them fresh. Cover the crown of the banana bunch with plastic wrap. This should give you up to five days of more freshness!

Learn more about these kitchen hacks in the video below:


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