Cooking Techniques

Brush up on various cooking techniques—and when to use them—right here. Our how-to guides to cooking techniques will make you a pro at many kitchen skills. Start with how to roast meat, a simple technique that can make a big difference. We show you how to get the best results every time with our step-by-step guide to roasting meat and poultry. A roasted turkey is a holiday tradition; our calculator helps you determine the time your bird needs to be in the oven. Roasting brings out amazing, sweet flavors in vegetables and garlic, too. Use our guides to roast these to perfection. Steaming, broiling, pan-searing, and stir-frying are more cooking techniques we cover in this collection. With our advice, you can master each method and apply it to any recipe you cook at home. Eggs are a staple in everyone's diet, but they're often overcooked. Use our step-by-step advice to cook eggs expertly by poaching, scrambling, baking, boiling, and more. Once you get these cooking techniques down, you'll be able to handle any kitchen adventure.