All bakeware is not the same. You should know the difference between baking pans and dishes.


A baking pan refers to a metal pan, and a baking dish refers to an oven-safe glass or ceramic container. (If substituting glass or ceramic cookware for recipes that call for baking pans, reduce baking temperature by about 25 degrees F.)

Use Baking Pans (Metal)

  • For nicely browned baked goods.
  • For broiling. Do not use glass dishes or casseroles when broiling because the high temperatures may cause the glass to shatter. Therefore, when broiling, use only metal pans or bakeware suitable for broiling.

Use Baking Dishes (Glass or Ceramic)

  • For dishes made with eggs or with acidic ingredients such as tomatoes and lemon. Baking pans made of aluminum, iron, and tin can react with these foods and cause the foods to discolor.


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