Vinegars to Explore

Experiment with different vinegars to see which brings out the best in your food.

Vinegar adds zip to salads, marinades, sauces, and more. Sample these types to find your favorites.

  • Apple cider vinegar: Made from fermented apple cider, it has a strong bite with a faint apple flavor.
  • Distilled white vinegar: Made from distilled grain alcohol, it is strong and sour.
  • Wine vinegars: Made from red or white wine, champagne, or sherry, wine vinegars derive flavor from the type of wine used.
  • Malt vinegar: Made from malted barley, it has a faint malt flavor.
  • Balsamic vinegar: Made from white Trebbiano grape juice, it's aged for at least 10 years, giving it a distinctive dark brown color, syrupy body, and slight sweetness.
  • Rice vinegar: Made from rice wine or sake, it has a subtly sweet taste and mild tang.
  • Flavored vinegars: Made by steeping herbs, fruits, or hot peppers in vinegar, the vinegars take on the flavors of these ingredients.


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