Varieties of Dried Beans

Beans add lots of texture, color, and flavor to recipes.
If you know your beans, you know how to make your cooking even better.

Besides the traditional red beans and black beans, there is a cornucopia of other beans to incorporate into your cooking.

  • Adzuki beans are russet-colored and have a soft texture and nutty, slightly sweet flavor.
  • Anasazi beans have white markings on a red-brown background that fades to dark pink after cooking. They have a mild, sweet flavor.
  • Cannellini beans -- also known as white kidney beans -- are large, white, and smooth-textured with a nutty flavor. Cranberry beans are so called because of their deep pink color. Although they lose their color during cooking, they have a rich, nutty flavor and are a good substitute for pinto beans.
  • Fava beans -- also called broad beans -- are a staple in Middle Eastern and Italian cooking. Large, with light brown skin, they have a bold flavor.


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