Traditionally, vinegar is what gives vinaigrette its bite, but you can use fruit juices to replace some of the vinegar for a new flavor.
Big Green Salad with Two-Pepper Dressing
Try a light and fruity vinaigrette for a change.

Another way to spark salad dressings is to use fruit juices to replace all or some of the vinegar. Doing so adds a different kind of edge -- a spark that's light, fresh, and fruity.

  • Lemon juice (a hallmark ingredient in the classic Caesar) or lime juice adds tartness.
  • Grapefruit juice can bring a pleasantly bitter quality; orange juice lends sweetness.
  • Any fruit juice or nectar can be used to create your own version of a house dressing.


1. As a rule, start with one part juice to one part oil.

2. Season with salt and pepper, and experiment with other spices, herbs, and flavorings as desired.

3. With tart juices, such as lemon and lime juice, you can replace all the vinegar.

4. But if you use a less-tart juice -- such as orange, apple, or cranberry-raspberry juice -- team it with vinegar to bring both tartness and fruitiness to a vinaigrette.


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