This is the Only Homemade Butter Hack You'll Ever Need

This is a total game changer.
Grant Thompson

I can't believe it's... homemade butter!

Ditch the imitation spreads at the grocery store and set your dining table with this fresh, homemade butter. It tastes so much better than the processed stuff! We found this butter hack from YouTube user Grant Thompson, "The King of Random," and can't wait to try it out tonight. Once you see how easy this is, you'll never go back to buying tubs of margarine! Check out the steps below:

Grant Thompson

First, fill a Mason jar a little over half-way with cold heavy cream or whipping cream. Screw the lid on tight.

Grant Thompson

Next, shake! We never said this wasn't a workout. After about three tiring minutes, you'll notice that your cream has thickened and now has a fluffy consistency.

Grant Thompson

If needed, take a break, and then continue shaking! Grant recommends calling in the kids to help out with this strenuous step. Watch Grant's video to see what your fresh butter should look like when it's done.

We are just dreaming up all the breads and muffins we can pair with it. To learn more about this hack, check out Grant's video below. He also has great tips on how to flavor it and what to do with the leftover buttermilk!


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