Stroll Down Food-Memory Lane

1930s Citrus-Avocado Salad

This dish debuted in our pages in 1939. Don't let the style of the photo fool you. It could easily be in any current publication with its use of pomegranate seeds, wonderful flavors, and great colors.

1940s Hamburger Pie

This first graced the pages of Better Homes and Gardens in the 40s. Its basic ingredients (seasoned ground beef, mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, and a vegetable) make it a classic comfort food, popular to this day.

1940s Pineapple Chiffon Cake

If you've never tried a chiffon cake, it's a must! It is as light and ethereal as angel food cake, yet richer.

1950s Seafood Salad with Green Goddess Dressing

A '50s favorite! Try it again for the first time. There's nothing like the fresh taste of homemade green goddess with its fresh herbs, tangy sour cream, and bite of anchovy.

1960s Spareribs Cantonese

It's something right out of a Tiki Room-themed restaurant circa 1965, isn't it? This recipe needs just five highly flavorful ingredients and virtually no hands-on prep time.

1970s Test Kitchen's Favorite Quiche Lorraine

Ubiquitous in the '70s, this may seem passe now. However, considering it's basically eggs, bacon, onions, cheese, and cream, what's not to like? This was the best one that ever came through the Test Kitchen -- any there were many!

1980s Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Nothing beats homemade ice cream, and this one from the '80s was a real winner. Not only is it ultra rich and creamy, but also the addition of candied pecans makes it unbelievably special.

1990s Strawberry-Spinach Salad

In the '90s, when this first appeared in our pages, strawberries and spinach was a startling combo. Now, it's in the annals of best-loved recipes.

2000s Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Mediterranean Relish

Welcome new millennium! Grilling goes beyond hot dogs and burgers. Here's beef married with olives, balsamic, eggplant, and bell peppers. Perfect for special summer celebrations.

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