How to Cut an Avocado

If you haven't mastered the art of how to cut an avocado, this is a game changer. Pit and slice avocados, then add them to salads, sandwiches, and egg scrambles or mash them into a delicious guacamole. Or heck—try a trendy avocado toast. Avocado is a crazy-popular ingredient right now, and here's what you need to know to use one without letting any go to waste.

How to pit and slice an avocado is a must-know kitchen skill, particularly if you're a big fan of guacamole or avocado toast. We'll show you how to cut an avocado and how to pit an avocado the best way. Follow our fresh avocado tips to get the most out of each fruit and become an avocado slicing master. Avocado toast, avocado smoothies, and avocado salads are all in your future!

Step 1: Slice Around the Seed and Twist Apart

Wash your avocado. Use a knife to make a lengthwise cut around the seed, cutting through the skin and fruit. Holding the avocado in your hands, gently twist the two halves in opposite directions to separate them.

Step 2: Remove Avocado Seed

To remove the seed, use a quick, hard motion to whack the blade of a knife into the seed; twist and pull to remove it.

Step 3: Peel the Avocado

On a cutting surface, cut each half in half again, and peel away the skin from each of the quarters using your fingers or a small knife. You can also cut slices in the avocado half, cutting through the fruit but not through the skin and scooping out slices using a spoon.

How to Pick an Avocado

Learning how to tell if an avocado is ripe is key—after all, no one likes tossing out overripe produce. While you're at the store, look for avocados that are not bruised or too soft, and that have no gouges or broken skin. If you're not using the avocado for three or four days, choose firm avocados. If you need to use the avocados right away, choose a ripe avocado that yields to gentle pressure when cradled in your hand.

Store avocados at room temperature until they ripen, then refrigerate and use within three days. Refrigeration slows avocado ripening.

How to Ripen an Avocado

If you purchase an avocado that's not quite ripe and want to speed the process along a little, you're not completely at the mercy of nature. We can't promise you the world—your unripe avocado won't be ripe in just a couple hours—but to ripen an avocado more quickly, do this:

  • Place the avocado in a small, clean paper bag. Don't use a plastic bag—it won't allow the fruit to breathe, and the trapped moisture could cause your avocado to grow mold instead of ripening.
  • Loosely close the bag and store it at room temperature. To speed up the ripening process even more, you can place an apple or ripe banana in the bag with the avocado.
  • Check your avocado daily. If you're trying to ripen multiple avocados at the same time, remove any that yield to gentle pressure. To check your avocados for ripeness, cradle one in the palm of your hand and gently squeeze rather than poking it with your thumb or finger (this can cause bruising).
  • Once your avocado is ripe, enjoy it immediately or store it in the fridge for a couple of days (refrigerating an avocado will slow down further ripening).


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