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Organize your utensils and pantry items to make cooking easier.

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    Hang Up Cookware

    Instead of trying to fit pots and pans into drawers or cabinets, hang them up where you can see and reach them easily. A rod with hooks does the trick. It's also a smart way to show off an attractive set of cookware.

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    Store Knives Safely

    A drawer just 3 inches deep puts this knife collection in order; a magnetic strip holds the blades securely in place.

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    Provide a Pantry

    Food storage need not look utilitarian. A tall pullout pantry organizes items while maintaining the kitchen's cabinetry style.

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    Organize Spices

    Whether you sort spices alphabetically or by type, a recessed wall rack taps normally unused space to put them in easy reach.

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    Put It on Wheels

    A key to storage is putting things where you use them. A cart moves items to any spot in the kitchen and tucks away when not needed.

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    Store Wines in Style

    It's easy to select just the right wine when you store it in a stylish undercounter rack. Several bottles can be stacked in a small space.

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