These Mediterranean cheeses are ready to step up to the plate for any occasion. Ensure that you've got the perfect cheese—including ricotta, feta, and more—with this guide.

By Andrea Beck

Give recipes a cheesy boost by adding these yummy Mediterranean cheeses. We have info on old favorites, like ricotta and Parmesan, and a few new to try, including Halloumi. Keep these ingredients on hand in your pantry to make your recipes a cheese-lover's dream.


This ultimate Parmesan cheese is aged for two months before use. This cheese is mostly used to top pastas, soups, and risottos, but you can make any dish more indulgent by grating a wedge of this hard cheese over it.


Halloumi has a unique texture and consistency that prevents it from melting when grilled, baked, or seared. Sometimes described as rubbery, this cheese is best when grilled and used to top a salad or fill a veggie gyro.

Try Halloumi in this Pesto Veggie Gyro.

Ricotta Salata

Rather than being soft like ricotta cheese, ricotta salata becomes firm and crumbly with the addition of salt. This cheese is made from salted, pressed ricotta that is aged for months to get the perfect texture. Use it in pasta dishes, salads, and sandwiches.

Ricotta Cheese

Soft Italian ricotta is a fresh milk cheese made from reheated leftover whey that is then strained. This creamy, versatile cheese can be used in classic stuffed shells, made into a delicious dip, or even used in pancakes.

Goat's Milk Cheese

This tangy cheese, also known as chevre, is made from goat milk—but while some variations are made entirely from goat milk, other versions are a mix of goat and cow milk. This cheese can vary in texture from semifirm to soft and spreadable, making it perfect for spreading on toast, using in dips, or crumbling onto salads.


This classic Greek cheese is traditionally made from sheep or goat milk, but some variations in other countries use cow milk. This pickled cheese has a bright and tangy flavor. Feta is perfect for crumbling over salads and soups, stuffing in burgers, or mixing into dips.


You can find this sheep milk cheese in many different varieties and textures. In many cases it can be used instead of Parmesan, giving recipes a more pronounced flavor. Try it on flatbreads, pastas, or salads.

Try pecorino in this Pizza Primavera recipe.

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