Making Candy in a Humid Climate

Want to make candy but live in a humid climate? We've got advice to help prevent the weather from interfering.

Tips for Making Candy

Humidity is the enemy of candy makers. The perfect candy-making climate has a relative humidity of less than 35 percent. But if you live in an area that's hardly ever that dry, you can always use your air conditioner or a dehumidifier for about a day or so before making candy.

Because excessive softness in candy is the result of high relative humidity, you can also cook hard candies, such as peanut brittle, to 2 degrees higher than the temperature your recipe calls for. The additional 2 degrees in cooking temperature will compensate for moisture in the air.

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More Candy-Making Tips

Whether you're in a humid climate or not, we've got a few more tips to help you make stunning candy:

How to Make Candy

Cooking and Testing Candy Mixtures

Molding Candy

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