Making A Smooth White or Cheese Sauce

Make your sauce look as good as it tastes.

The key to silky, lump-free white or cheese sauces is low heat and frequent stirring. Follow these tips:

  • When you add the flour to the melted butter, be sure to keep the heat low so the butter-flour mixture doesn't cook too fast and form lumps or burn.
  • Add the cream or milk slowly, stirring constantly with a whisk or wooden spoon. If you like, heat the milk or cream slightly before adding it to the butter-flour mixture to help it mix in more easily.
  • If your finished white sauce is destined to become a cheese sauce, shred the cheese or cut it into small cubes. Add the cheese a little bit at a time, with the heat on low or turned off. Low-fat cheeses, in particular, require this treatment to melt into the sauce.


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