Egg salad is perfect for an on-the-go lunch, and it's so easy to make! We're sharing our recipe for classic egg salad and tips for crafting the perfect egg salad sandwich. Plus, get recipes for creative egg salad combinations like avocado egg salad and bacon and egg salad.


Start with Hard-Cooked Eggs

The secret to delicious egg salad is perfectly cooked eggs. Our secret? Arranging the eggs in a single layer, covering them with cold water, and heating them slowly. To peel an egg, gently tap it to crack the shell, then remove the shell. Rinse peeled eggs to remove any bits of shell. 

Make the Egg Salad

You're just four ingredients away from traditional egg salad. 

To make, simply chop four-hard cooked eggs. Mix the eggs with pickle relish, mayonnaise, and yellow mustard. That's it! 

Assemble the Sandwich

We like to serve our classic egg salad on a croissant with lettuce. Try topping the sandwich with sharp cheddar cheese for even more flavor. 

Get the classic egg salad sandwich recipe. 

Delicious Egg Salad Recipes

Try switching up your classic egg salad for one of our creative twists! Try our avocado egg salad recipe or mix it up with bacon and egg salad. They're all delicious. 

All About Egg Salad


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