Nothing makes homemade soups and stews taste richer than made-from-scratch clear stock.

The secret to clear soups that sparkle and cream soups that are smooth but not muddy is clarifying the stock.

Clarify Stock in 4 Easy Steps

1. To clarify stock, first strain. Strain stock by ladling it through a colander or sieve lined with 1 or 2 layers of 100-percent-cotton cheesecloth; discard bones, vegetables, and seasonings.

2. Separate an egg (discard the yolk or save for another use). In a small bowl, combine the egg white and 1/4 cup cold water.

3. Stir the mixture into the hot, strained stock. Bring to boiling. Remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes. (As the egg white cooks, it will coagulate and trap fine particles from the stock.)

4. Place a large sieve or colander lined with several layers of damp 100-percent-cotton cheesecloth over a large bowl. Pour the stock through the cloth to strain out the particles and egg white.



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