When cooking with herbs, you can use either dried or fresh once you know how to convert the amounts. Here is our simple ratio for using dried for fresh, along with our measurements and guides for using, storing, and choosing herbs.


Some recipes specify using fresh herbs. However, sometimes fresh herbs aren't available, or it just isn't practical to buy a bunch when only a teaspoon is needed. In such cases, dried herbs can usually be substituted. To do so, use one-third the amount of dried herb called for in the recipe. For example, substitute 1 teaspoon of dried herb for 1 tablespoon of fresh herb.

When substituting a ground herb for dried leaf herb, use about half of the amount of the dried leaf herb called for in the recipe.

Add the dried herb to a recipe at the beginning of the cooking time; this allows its flavors to seep into the dish.

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Tips for Cooking with Herbs

From growing to storing, we've got kitchen-tested tips for making the most of herbs in your kitchen.


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