Extra-Large Egg Substitutes

Wondering if you can substitute an equal number of medium-size eggs for extra-large eggs? It is helpful to know the proper way to substitute eggs. Plus, get our best egg recipes and tips.

Egg Substitutes

Medium eggs cost less than large eggs, so for many uses, substituting medium-size eggs for larger eggs is a smart way to pinch pennies.

In cooking, egg-size substitutions make little difference at all. In baking, however, they may.

Follow this key to adjust recipes for using medium eggs: 1 large egg is the equivalent of 1 medium egg or 1 extra-large egg.

2 large eggs are the equivalent of 2 medium eggs or 2 extra-large eggs.

3 large eggs are the equivalent of 4 medium eggs or 3 extra-large eggs.

4 large eggs are the equivalent of 5 medium eggs or 4 extra-large eggs.

5 large eggs are the equivalent of 6 medium eggs or 5 extra-large eggs.

Get more egg substitutes. 

Helpful Egg Tips and Recipes

There are so many ways to cook eggs! Get our most helpful tips and delicious recipes. 

Learn how to cook an egg in the microwave.

Find out how to make perfect scrambled eggs. 

Get our step-by-step egg cooking guide. 

Once you know how to make perfectly cooked eggs, try these delicious recipes. 

Egg Recipes for Breakfast

Egg-Topped Recipes

Deviled Egg Toppers

Cooking Eggs 101

As basic as it sounds, boiling an egg is a skill many home chefs struggle to master. With our helpful tips and tricks, you'€™ll never again slice open a hard-boiled egg to find an ugly, green-ringed yolk -- only beautiful eggs perfect for adding to salads or slicing for a high-protein snack.


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