Amazon Prime Day 2019 is finally here. These are the kitchen deals you're going to want to see.

By Stacey Leasca
Updated July 15, 2019
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There’s no time like the present to treat yourself to the gizmo or gadget you’ve been dreaming of. Why? Because it’s Amazon Prime Day and the deals are huge!

Go ahead, now’s the time to start making your favorite drinks like sparkling waters and cold brew at home. Get the air fryer you’ve had bookmarked for ages to make healthier snacks for you and your family; or go after the wine decanter that would look just perfect on your bar cart.

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In case you thought you needed an invitation to buy something nice for yourself, consider this a formal one. Here are eight products we think you’ll love during Prime Day 2019 that will absolutely make your kitchen the coolest one on the block.

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brew coffee is all the rage these days. But, rather than shelling out $5 every time you want a simple cup from your local shop, why not make it yourself instead? OXO’s cold brew maker can help you do just that. The process is simple: Pour water over the grounds and allow it to steep for up to 14 hours in the fridge. Then, take out your coffee and enjoy. Check back for the Prime Day deal during the two-day event.

Buy It: $49.95, Amazon

Soda Stream Bundle Pack

It’s finally time for you to buy that Soda Stream you know you’ve been lusting after. For Amazon Prime Day 2019, treat yourself to the Soda Stream Bundle Pack, which includes the device, a few bottles, and flavor drops to help you get started on your own bubbly adventure. Check back for the Prime Day deal during the two-day event.

Buy It: $49.99, Amazon

Philips Twin TurboStar Technology XXL Airfryer

Looking to make yourself a decadent treat that’s actually not that bad for you? Get the Philips XXL Airfryer. This device uses hot air to fry your favorite treats using little to no added oil. The fryer can cook up to three pounds of food and can be fired up and ready to go within seconds.

Buy It: $253.44, Amazon

AmazonBasics 14-Piece Kitchen Knife

If you’re looking to organize your kitchen just a bit, pick up the AmazonBasics 14-piece kitchen knife set and block. The block is simple enough to go with any decor but attractive enough to stand out as a countertop accent. This set comes with everything you’d ever need to slice, dice, and chop up the meal of a lifetime. Check back for the Prime Day deal during the two-day event.

Buy It: $24.99, Amazon

Ullo Wine Purifier With Hand Blown Decanter

Attention oenophiles (aka wine lovers): Amazon has a deal for you. This Prime Day, grab a dual wine purifier and decanter by Ullo. The purifier helps to remove sulfates from wine to help bring out its flavor and aromas. The glass decanter then lets the wine breathe, further enhancing your tasting experience.

Buy It: $129.99, Amazon

Simplehuman Kitchen Steel Frame Dish Rack

Sometimes it’s the simplest accessories that can make your home look and feel the most stylish. The Simplehuman dish rack does just that. Its sleek design will look cool and perfectly in place in your kitchen doing its job—drying your dishes. And, thanks to its swivel spout, this dish rack can be placed just about anywhere. Check back for the Prime Day deal during the two-day event.

Buy It: $79.99, Amazon

OXO Good Grips Handheld Spiralizer

If you’re on a low-carb diet or just want to get more veggies into your daily meals, pick up a handheld spiralizer from OXO and start making veggie noodles. The device will help you quickly and effectively turn vegetables into noodles to use as pasta substitutions, in salads, or in any other dish you’d like. And, the no-slip grip along with the dishwasher-safe parts make this spiralizer safe and easy to use. Check back for the Prime Day deal during the two-day event.

Buy It: $29.98, Amazon

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

Hoping to sauté, sear, or pan-fry the best meal of your life? Get this pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. The heavy-duty cast-iron skillet will last a lifetime and is ideal for using every day, from whipping up eggs at breakfast to veggies and meats for dinner. Check back for the Prime Day deal during the two-day event.

Buy It: From $13.70, Amazon


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July 17, 2018
Hi Thurston - Check out Joe Dispenza testimonials on youtube... It will be a better use of your time than the great American shopping experience. These meditations have helped me enormously with my health challenges and disability. I wish the same for you. Truly, I do.
July 16, 2018
OMG! Prime Prime Whine Whine if you “live” on $10k a YEAR...guess I’m Unworthy Of Saving a few bucks! I NEED a smoothie maker & Microwave & a Vehicle That can get me from Home to Store & Back!! Hate not having enough money, why is it my fault if I am disabled & ill??