Stock up on all of these healthy cooking gadgets for just $86.58!

By Karla Walsh
Updated July 20, 2018

Sticking to a healthy diet is tough enough. That’s why our Test Kitchen pros so strongly suggest setting up your kitchen up for low-calorie cooking success. Here’s your slim-down starter kit: The top 10 tools Lynn Blanchard, Test Kitchen director, and Colleen Weeden, senior Test Kitchen brand manager, think no home should be without.

Efivs Arts Silicone and Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs

Tongs are handy to have around for everything from stir-frying veggies to sauteing chicken, and the silicone tips on these make them suitable for using on no-extra-oil-required nonstick cookware. Blanchard recommends 9-inch and 12-inch varieties to tackle medium to large meal prep projects. ($8.79 for two,

OXO Silicone Egg Poacher

Poaching is a perfect way to cook eggs without any added fat, but it can be tough to ace the runny yolk + cooked white consistency. Enter these handy vessels that corrals the yolk and white in a silicone bowl as it cooks in boiling water. ($9.95 for two,

Spring Chef Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

“Kitchen shears are nice to snip herbs for a low-calorie flavor-boost. They’re always a must-have in my kitchen, but many are over $10. Not these, though!” Blanchard says. Try them for speeding up green onion slicing, trimming artichokes, and de-stemming strawberries, too. ($7.97,

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup

Proper portion size is clutch if you’re counting calories. Measure ingredients for baking, sauces, or dressings in this sturdy, dishwasher-safe cup. For a sensible splurge, fill the measuring cup with two ounces dark chocolate and ¾ tablespoon coconut oil, then microwave at 50 percent power until melted. Voila: A DIY chocolate shell to pour over sliced fruit! ($5.69,

ThermaPro Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

Rather than buying rotisserie chicken or your takeout meat entree of choice, cook your own poultry, fish, pork or steak to perfection (while controlling the additives and fat). The key tool to do just that: an instant-read thermometer. Our Test Kitchen swears by a digital option for easy-to-read, quick, and accurate results. ($8.99,

DRAGONN Stainless Steel Zester Grater

Citrus zest can add refreshing zing—and next to no calories—to many dishes. Add a sturdy microplane to your kitchen gadget drawer to zest, create tiny ribbons of cheese, grate ginger for a warm, aromatic punch, or top desserts with a sensible yet satisfying amount of chocolate shavings. ($8.99,

Prepworks by Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoon Set

Use these spoons to season your recipes and to keep tabs on added oils and dressings. “Streamline your tool drawer with measuring spoons that nest together,” Blanchard says. With narrow, rounded ends, these easily slide into spice jars and other small-topped containers. ($9.90,

Epicurean Kitchen Series Utensils Angled Turner

Unlike traditional wood that can crack or split over time, these natural, nonporous utensils are built to last. The treated surface means that the saute tools won’t harbor bacteria, and they’re made with recycled paper so you can feel good on the environmental front, too. Use them with non-stick cookware and toss them in the dishwasher—they can handle the heat up to 350 degrees F! ($9.99,

OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

“Vegetable peelers are great for making ribbon salads and preparing vibrant salad fixings,” Weeden says. With a convenient swivel head, this peeler can easily make the turn through rounded squash and spud edges. Its non-slip grip means you can go straight from washing to preparing your produce without reaching for a towel. ($8.99,

Norpro Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper

Transfer big piles of chopped vegetables from the cutting board in one fell swoop with a stainless steel bench scraper. With its built-in ruler, this versatile healthy kitchen gadget is also useful for acing portion size of cookies, rolls, and dessert bars. Once you’re done with dinner, use the scraper to make a clean sweep of your cutting board, then give it a quick rinse with soap and water so it’s ready to tackle the next nutritious cooking task. ($7.08,


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