Avoid juicy fingers (hello, orange), a messy face (that'd be you, watermelon), and wasted fruit (mango, you tricky girl) with these cutting hacks that make prepping produce the easiest part of your day.


Read on for five fruits that you've likely been peeling wrong your whole life (no, seriously, these are crazy-easy ideas!). The 3-minute video tutorial from The Domestic Geek appears at the end.

1. Kiwi

Don't waste any of that kiwi! A knife trim on both ends plus a quick round with a spoon brings out all that green goodness.

2. Orange

The worst part about peeling an orange is digging in your nails, right? This trim-the-ends-slit-and-unroll strategy says "buh-bye" to that juice-on-your-fingers step all together.

3. Watermelon

Watermelon wedges may have ruled your childhood, but The Domestic Geek proves that spheres of watermelon will win any picnic.

4. Grapes

Need to halve a bunch of grapes for a fruit salad? Here's a cut-once-get-lots trick that won't cost you a penny: Put them between two container tops then run a knife through the opening. Bonus: The trick works for cherry tomatoes, too.

5. Mangoes

Okay, mangoes are expensive. It's an awful feeling when any of that sweet fruit is left behind dangling to the skin. Did you know that you have something in your kitchen that was practically made for cutting mango? Seriously, a glass cup is mango-scooping perfection. With this hack, your mango game is officially strong.


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