You Will Wish You Thought of These Watermelon Hacks First!

More excuses to eat watermelon are always welcome! We've got you covered with the best watermelon hacks for summer.

Watermelon is summer's gift to the world. It's all of our favorite things on a hot day: sweet, refreshing, even healthy! We've rounded up our best hacks for serving this summertime favorite. Learn how to pick the perfect melon, and get ideas for easy ways to cut and eat watermelon–like adorable watermelon slices cut into shapes with cookie cutters. 

Get our best summer watermelon recipes!

Pick the perfect watermelon

A good watermelon dish starts at the store––but it can be hard to choose the right one given the density of the fruit's outer skin. Make sure you are getting the best of the bunch by using this great trick to test its ripeness. Give the melon a good knock with your knuckles, just like if you were knocking on your neighbor's front door. If the resulting sound is slightly hollow, your fruit is ready to eat. But be careful: if it sounds too hollow, it's probably too ripe.

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Frozen watermelon cubes

Keep your drink cool while infusing flavor all day long. Slice up a fresh watermelon into cubes and pop them in the freezer. When they come out, use them as you would regular ice cubes; drop a handful into a glass of water for a sweet hint of watermelon, or add them to a boozy summer drink for a fruity boost of flavor.

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Easy-to-eat watermelon spears

This is, hands down, the easiest way to cut and enjoy a watermelon without getting the sticky juice all over your face and fingers. This slicing hack transforms your watermelon into individual spears for simple grab and go snacking at parties and family BBQs. This is a great trick for kids, who tend to have a hard time keeping clean with the traditional watermelon wedge.

Carve a watermelon bowl

Don't waste a single part of the watermelon by turning the rind into an adorable summer bowl. Use our easy carving tutorial to carve a word or short phrase into your watermelon! Carve a whole watermelon for a summer party decoration that's sure to be a hit, or cut the watermelon length-wise and turn it into a punch bowl or ice cream serving dish.

Learn how to carve a watermelon.

Watermelon sorbets and sherbets

Because a watermelon is made up of mostly water, it lends itself easily to frozen treats like sorbets, sherbets and frozen drinks. These recipes are so easy–start by making frozen watermelon cubes, then pop the frozen cubes in a blender or food processor to get the right consistency for these frozen treats. Add a few more ingredients for an extra pop of flavor, and serve these delicious treats at your next summer bash. 

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Watermelon Margarita Pops

This recipe combines two of our favorite summer treats: watermelon and boozy ice pops. To make them, start with regular sliced watermelon and add orange juice, tequila and top with orange zest. Add a wooden stick and give the tequila-soaked slices a few hours in the freezer–once frozen, these delicious watermelon pops will have your summer party guests raving!

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Cheesecake-Filled Watermelon

We love good ways to use all parts of the watermelon, and this adorable cheesecake recipe might just be our favorite! To make it, we cut the red center out of the watermelon and made the cheesecake directly inside the complete circle of watermelon rind. We're obsessed with how the pink filling and chocolate chips make each piece look like a watermelon slice!

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Watermelon Cake

Wow your summer party guests with a cake made completely out of watermelon! That's right–we cut a large watermelon into the shape of a cake and decorated it with frosting and fruit! The watermelon filling is just as sweet as a real cake, without all the calories! Keep this treat chilled until you're ready to serve, for a dessert that's sure to be an instant hit.

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