Types of Lettuce

Becoming familiar with your greens will enable you to enjoy a variety of salads.
Red-tip leaf lettuce

Red-tip leaf lettuce has a tender, sweet, delicate flavor that makes it versatile for many types of green salads.

Leaf lettuce

Leaf lettuce has a mild, delicate flavor and may be used interchangeably with red-tip leaf lettuce.


Radicchio is bitter and peppery-tasting when eaten alone, but small amounts add a nice accent to other greens.


Spinach has a mildly hearty flavor and is often used raw in salads.

Swiss chard

Swiss chard has large stems with a delicate flavor similar to celery; leaves have a hearty spinach-like flavor.


Romaine has large, crisp leaves and a slightly sharp flavor that make this the classic lettuce for Caesar salad.

Curly endive

Curly endive has a mildly bitter flavor and adds visual interest to salads.


Arugula has a peppery, pungent flavor that is an ideal contrast when mixed with milder greens.


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