Does a TikTok Hack Work for Keeping An Avocado From Going Brown?

The secret is in how you cut it.

hand holding cut avocado
Photo: Jennifer Aldrich

Cookbooks and Grandma's recipe cards aren't the only places to find expert techniques; social media also happens to be a useful tool for cooking tips and tricks. One recent popular video worth trying on TikTok features how to cut an avocado. Sure, cutting avocados might seem like something that doesn't need explanation, but this new technique allows you to save the fruit for later—without it going brown!

Margaret Drisi is the mastermind behind the idea. She uploaded a video of her "dinosaur egg" avocado hack to her TikTok and Instagram profile. In the clip, she cuts off the top of the avocado and digs out just a little bit of the fruit to use. Then she places the remaining avocado in a food storage container and puts it in the refrigerator. Throughout the week, as she scoops out more and more, she continues to keep the pit inside the fruit. She shows the avocado after two days, then one week later, and it's still green. It seems too good to be true.

avocado day one
Jennifer Aldrich

Day One

This idea is easy to mimic, even for an amateur avocado user. Here's what ours looked like after we cut off the top and scooped out a little bit (which we enjoyed with a veggie burger for lunch). We placed the avocado in a plastic container and stored it in the fridge, doing everything just as Drisi did.

avocado day 2
Jennifer Aldrich

Day Two

The next day, eager to see the avocado and hungry to eat it, we took the container out of the refrigerator. The avocado was still just as green as it had been the day before. Scooping out more flesh, we accidentally ripped away some of the skin that was protecting the rest of the avocado. We recommend being extra cautious to keep the fruit intact, because it's much more delicate than it looks.

avocado day 3
Jennifer Aldrich

Day Three

By the third day, as Drisi notes in her video, the avocado was still its original vivid color, but with a couple of small brown spots. Although the dinosaur egg isn't the traditional way to cut an avocado, it works. Unfortunately, this method may not work for you if you generally enjoy half an avocado at a time. But if you only like a little at a time, this trick is a great idea.

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