Shopping for Greens

Before you head to the store, do some salad greens math.

Whether cooking for a crowd or just the family, make sure you buy enough greens to go around.

When a salad recipe calls for a cup measure of greens, use this guide to figure out how much to buy. (Measurements are for loosely packed torn greens.)

Butterhead lettuce 1 medium head (12 oz.) = 4 cups

Curly endive 1 medium head (12 oz.) = 10 cups

Escarole 1 medium head (8 oz.) = 7 cups

Iceberg lettuce 1 medium head (18 oz.) = 10 cups

Leaf lettuce 1 medium head (9 oz.) = 8 cups

Romaine 1 medium head (16 oz.) = 6 cups (ribs removed)

Spinach 16 oz. = 12 cups (stems removed)

Spinach 10 oz. (prewashed) = 12 cups (large stems removed)


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