Know Your Chiles

Find the perfect chili for your culinary needs by using our guide.
Pasilla chiles

Pasilla chiles are long, slender, sometimes twisted dried chiles with wrinkly skin. They are medium to very hot, with a rich flavor that works well in sauces.


Popular jalapeños are also available dried and smoked. Called chipotles in this dried form, they also are found canned in adobo, a spicy chile sauce.

Thai chiles

Thai chiles are spunky for their size, with lots of intense heat. For spicing up Thai-inspired dishes, this chile is the choice.


Pequín are tiny chiles, loaded with blistering heat -- use them sparingly and with caution!

Poblanos and anchos

Poblanos and anchos are the same variety of chile -- but poblanos are fresh; anchos are dried. Both are mild to medium-hot, with deep, complex flavors.

Anaheim chiles

Anaheim chiles are available in fresh and dried forms. They are versatile and offer medium heat.

Cascabel chiles

Cascabel chiles have a medium heat level and are most often sold dried. Pick one up, shake it, and you'll hear how it gets its name -- "cascabel" is Spanish for "rattle."


Habañeros are native to the Caribbean. They pack searing heat and are available fresh and dried. The fresh form is most popular.


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