One Bite and You'll Know Why You Have to Learn How to Roast Beets

Master this three-step roasting method and discover your new favorite way to eat beets.

Earthy beets are prime candidates for roasting because time in the oven not only tenderizes the hard, tough raw roots but also intensifies the flavor and brings out the natural sweetness of the beet. Our method teaches you how to roast fresh beets from start to finish, including cleaning and prepping your beets. We seasoned the beets in this recipe with rosemary, but almost any other herb or spice will work. Once you've roasted a batch, you've got a side dish, a salad topper, or the main part of a trendy grain bowl.

sliced beet on wood cutting board
Andy Lyons

How to Clean Beets

Start by scrubbing your beets—even if you're going to peel them later, be sure to scrub them well with a produce brush like OXO's Vegetable Brush,($8, Amazon) to remove any dirt or grit that could be pushed through the beet when you trim or peel it. Then trim off the stem and root ends. If you want, peel the beets, then cut into 1-inch pieces. Whether you choose to peel beets is a matter of preference. If the skin tastes too bitter to you, go ahead and peel. If you want the added fiber and less work, you can leave it on (as long as you started by thoroughly scrubbing).

Test Kitchen Tip: Red beets are notorious for staining hands, cutting boards, clothes, you name it. To keep your hands from temporarily turning purple, consider wearing gloves. To keep beets from staining other foods, roast them in their own dish. For everything else, just be careful and clean up quickly.

How to Prepare Beets for Roasting

After cleaning and cutting, transfer the beets to a 13x9-inch baking pan, such as this OXO Good Grips 9x13 Pan ($25, Amazon). In a small bowl combine olive oil and your desired seasonings. Stir to combine, then toss to lightly coat beets.

chopped beets in white baking dish with foil
Andy Lyons

How to Roast Beets in the Oven

Cover the pan with foil and roast at 375°F for 30 minutes. Uncover, stir, and continue roasting 20 to 30 minutes more or until the beets are tender. There isn't any set amount of time for how long to roast beets; roasting time depends on when they reach your desired tenderness. Start with around 40 to 50 minutes, stirring after half an hour, and then check them periodically for desired tenderness.

roasted beets in bowl with sprig of rosemary garnishment

How to Serve Roasted Beets

Roasted beets are a delicious side dish, especially if you add a bit of salt and sprigs of fresh herbs when they're fresh out of the oven. You can also add them to a healthy, veggie-filled salad or use them as a grain bowl topper. Blend roasted beets in a food processor for a delicious, tapenade-like spread for yet another way to use roasted beets.

Make roasted beets is a simple, three-step process, and the result is worth the long roast time. For more irresistible veggie ideas, use our guide to roasting vegetables to determine the best temperature and timings to roast any combination of veggies.

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