Have You Ever Seen an Apple Peeled Like This?

Well, that's one way to get the job done.

Dads have the tendency to perform mundane tasks in the most extreme way possible. For this Canadian dad, peeling apples was no exception.

We don't know what they were making or why they needed that many apples, but this is genius. Using a knife or a peeler to hand carve all the apples would have taken too much time and effort, so this handyman used a power drill for his weapon of choice.

The video shows the brilliant process at work. He pokes an apple at its core through the drill bit and holds a peeler and the end of the apple. Once the fruit is spinning around at an alarmingly fast rate, he runs the peeler down the length of the apple and just like that, the peel is gone!

What's even more mesmerizing than the spiraling show is the bucket of thinly-sliced peels collecting the unwanted skin. Each peel comes off in one motion, so the strings resemble something more like spaghetti than apples.

We can't help but wonder how many apple pies you can make with this trick. Or apple crumble, apple sangria, the list goes on...

Whether you have a vary large party to feed or just one hungry kid in need of a healthy snack, you need to check this video out:


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