Gummy Berry Grapes Taste Just Like Your Favorite Childhood Candy

The super-sweet fruit is only available for a limited time each year.

Step aside, cotton candy grapes! There's a new sweet grape we can't wait to try. Shoppers on Instagram recently discovered clamshells overflowing with vibrant Gummy Berry grapes at Trader Joe's, and many are claiming they taste just like the classic candy.

As it turns out, the variety has been around for a few years and is part of a dessert line of grapes, which also includes the popular cotton candy grapes, by Divine Flavor, a fruit and veggie distributor based in Arizona. But while they might look like your everyday red table grape, according to the growers, Gummy Berry grapes actually have a similar taste and texture to a strawberry-flavor gummy candy. "Its chewy texture along with its strawberry-like flavor makes it an eating experience like no other," Divine Flavor fruit category manager Carlos Bon Jr. tells The Produce News.

A bowl of gummy berry grapes
Courtesy of Divine Flavor

According to Divine Flavor, the Gummy Berry grape has a few key health benefits. Not only are they a great source of vitamin C, but they also stimulate and protect the immune system, and have a high water and fiber content to help regulate digestion. The grapes are only in season between May and June, which means they're being distributed now and won't be around for long. Instagrammers found them at Trader Joe's, but they've also been spotted at Sam's Club. You can use the company's product finder to see if they're available near you.

Some Instagram comments say they taste like "a sweeter red grape" rather than candy. We haven't had a chance to try them ourselves, but we're anxious to see how they compare to the average grape. Next time you're craving a sweet treat, Gummy Berry grapes are a tasty stand-in. You could even try freezing them for a natural ice pop, use them on top of salads, or transform your next Foccacia bake. Just don't forget to wash them first!

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