What Is Meringue Powder?

Not sure what meringue powder is, or where to find it? We can help! It's a great substitution for egg whites in frosting recipes.

Meringue Powder Uses

Meringue powder is often used in recipes that do not reach safe enough temperatures to use fresh egg whites, such as some icing recipes. Meringue powder is a dried egg white product containing a little sugar. You can usually find it anywhere cake decorating supplies are sold.

Icing and Decorating Tips

If you need decorating inspiration using your meringue powder frosting, we can help:

Meringue Frosting

Cake Decorating Ideas and Tips

Party Cupcakes

These easy decorating ideas take the cake. Make your cake stand out with textured frosting for a quick and pretty dessert for the center of the table. No fancy tools required, you've got most of these in your kitchen already.


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