How to Measure Baking Ingredients

Get the best results with our guide to measuring the most common ingredients in baking.

Measuring Guide

  • Flour: Before measuring, stir through the flour in the canister to loosen and aerate it a little. Lightly spoon the flour into a dry measuring cup, then level it off with a spatula or knife. Don't shake off the excess -- shaking compacts the flour and you'll have too much.
  • Brown Sugar: Spoon brown sugar into a dry measuring cup. Pack it firmly into the cup until it is level.
  • Shortening: Spoon shortening into a dry measuring cup. Pack it firmly into the cup and level off the top.
  • Liquids: Measure liquids into glass measuring cups. Get at eye level with the cup and fill it just to the measuring line.
  • Butter: Butter sticks have tablespoon markings on the wrapper -- 8 per stick. Just cut off what you need. (Or, this is good to know: 1 stick equals 1/2 cup butter.)

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