How to Make a Moist Cake

Are you wondering why your cakes turn out dry? We have foolproof tips for making moist cakes, including how-to guides and recipes. Our test kitchen experts share their best advice.

How Do I Make My Cakes Moist?

We've all had cakes turn out dry. Follow our no-fail tips for a perfectly moist cake every time. 

The moist texture of cakes comes from the ingredients used, the method of preparation, and the baking time and temperature.

- Make sure to follow the recipe, using the ingredients called for. Some cakes use milk, buttermilk, or sour cream for liquid. They all are appropriate for different types of cakes. Some cakes use vegetable oil, butter, or shortening for the fat. Make sure to use real butter and not a substitute when butter is called for, as substitutes contain water, which will not give the same tender crumb as the fat from the butter.

- Make sure to follow the exact preparation steps in the recipe, following all beating times given. Some cakes are beaten with a mixer and some are stirred together. These will produce different cake textures.

- Bake according to the time and temperature given in the recipe. Overbaking will cause a dry cake.

Must-Have Cake Tips

Get our tried and tested tips for making moist and delicious cakes. Plus, we're sharing our favorite cake recipes. 

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Our Best Cake Recipes

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