You don't have to be a pastry chef to create beautifully frosted cakes -- and you don't need expensive tools either! Just grab a few items from your silverware drawer to create these gorgeous patterns.

By Andrea Beck

Texturize with a Fork

With the fork facing down, run the tips of the fork tines across the top and along the sides of the cake, moving your hand slightly to the left and right to create wavy stripes in the frosting.

Swirl with a Spoon

Swirl the back of a spoon across the top and along the sides of the cake in a circular pattern, lifting the spoon after creating each swirl.

Add Stripes with a Serrated Knife

Run the serrated edge of a knife across the top and along the side of the cake in one continuous motion to create subtle stripes.

Create Polka Dots with a Melon Baller

Lightly press a melon baller into the frosting and remove. Repeat to create a pattern of overlapping circles or polka dots.

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