Amazing Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Baking Whiz

Fake it while you bake it.

What do a hairdryer, cookie cutter, toothpick, plastic bag, paper plate, baking paper, and aluminum foil have in common? They can all take you from baking amateur to cooking goddess.

Here's how a few items from your house just upped your baking game. Watch the video at the end to see all these kitchen hacks in action.

1. Hairdryer: Your frosting just got a glossy sheen!

2. Aluminum foil: One tray size suits all.

3. Baking paper: A nifty way to get your baked cake out of the pan.

4. Paper plate: No more batter splatter!

5. Plastic bag + scissors + tape: Easy custom piping tips.

6. Toothpick: Perfect piped letters on cakes.

7. Cookie cutter: Flawless sprinkle shapes!


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